• Rose Garden at University of British Columbia

    Rose Garden at University of British Columbia

University Teaching

University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University
S=Spring term | F= Fall term

UBC 2007-S; 2003-S; 2002-S

Music in the 20th and 21st Centuries
SFU 1998-F; 1997-F; 1996-F; 1995-F

20th/21st Century Music Appreciation for Non-Music Majors
UBC 2006-S; 2004-S; 2001-F

Theory and Analysis of Contemporary Music
SFU 2005-S; 1998-S

Theory Tutorials
UBC 2003-S; 2002-S; 2001-S; 2000-S/F; 1999-S/F

Introduction to Music Performance
SFU 1997-S

Baroque Counterpoint
UBC 2002-S

Renaissance Counterpoint
UBC 2003-S; 2001-S; 1996-F (Replacement)

Choral Union
UBC 1998-F; 1996 (Replacement)

Vocal Collegium Ensemble
UBC 2002-S; 2001-F; 2001-S; 2000-S/F; 1999-S/F; 1998-S/F; 1997‑S/F; 1996‑F