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A Mother to Her Dead Child
Duration: 12:00  |  1995
Solo mezzo-soprano movement from Stabat Mater
English Text: Edith Sitwell “A Mother to Her Dead Child”
Manuscript – Please contact composer directly

Version for voice and orchestra

A Mother to Her Dead Child

Version for voice and piano

A Mother to Her Dead Child

Cinq Chansons
Duration: 8:30  |  1984
Five songs for soprano and piano
Available through the Canadian Music Centre

1. Demain, dès l’aube: Victor Hugo

Demain, dès l’aube

2. Le Vin des amants: Charles Baudelaire

Le Vin des amants

3. Simple désir de femme: Simone Routier

Simple désir de femme

4. Paris at Night: Jacques Prévert

Paris at Night

5. Air Vif: Paul Éluard

Air Vif