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Mixed Choir

MIXED CHOIR a cappella

A Wedding Benediction
Duration: 1:10  |  2015
SATB choir with piano
Commissioned by Jocelyn Pritchard in celebration of her granddaughter’s wedding
English Text: Paraphrase of Samuel Wesley’s Covenant Prayer

Autumn Glory
Duration: 3:30  |  2019
SATB choir with piano
Commissioned by Dr. Daniel and Maxine Shu
English Text: Gregory S. Orr
Cypress Publishing CP 1873

Autumn Glory

Duration: 2:35  |  1986, rev. 1994
Commissioned by the Vancouver Cantata Singers
English Text: By Composer, celebrating the City of Vancouver’s centenary

Duration: 5:00  |  2018
NEW ARRANGEMENT for SATB choir with piano
Commissioned by Orpheus Choir of Toronto
Latin Text: From the 13th century Carmina Burana


Duration: 4:00  |  1994
Commissioned by the CBC for the National Youth Choir of Canada
German Text: Rainer Maria Rilke “Frühlingslied”


In teifen Nächten
Duration: 5:50  |  2002
Commissioned by the Elora Festival
German Text: Rainer Maria Rilke “Das Stunden-Buch II: Von der Pilgerschaft”

In teifen Nächten


Mesange-scan-1Mesange-scan-2Duration: 3:20  |  1998
French Text: Rainer Maria Rilke “Mésange”
Cypress Publishing CP 1047




My World, My Heart
Duration: 4:00  |  2008
Commissioned by Island Voices Chamber Choir
English Text: Holly Benson

O Lacrimosa
Duration: 13:00  |  1993
Commissioned by the CBC for Chanticleer
German Text: Rainer Maria Rilke “Ô Lacrimosa”

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O Lacrimosa, Movement I


O Lacrimosa, Movement II


O Lacrimosa, Movement III

O süsses Licht
Ramona-O-Susses-Licht-1Ramona-O-Susses-Licht-2Duration: 7:15  |  2001
Latin Text: Requiem | German Text: Edith Stein

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Ruht wohl
Duration: 4:00  |  1998
Commissioned by the Vancouver Cantata Singers
German Text: Gertrud von Le Fort
Incorporates Chorus No. 67 “Ruht wohl ihr heiligen Gebeine” from Bach’s St. John Passion

Tenebrae factae sunt
CP-1006-Tenebrae-Factae-Sunt-copyDuration: 4:30  |  1983
SATB choir with alto solo
Latin Text: Sacred Traditional
Cypress Publishing CP 1006



Tenebrae factae sunt


MIXED CHOIR accompanied

Ave Maria
Duration: 4:30  |  1988
SATB choir with optional organ doubling
Latin Text: Sacred Traditional

Laudate Dominum

Laudate-TITLELaudate-1Laudate-2Duration: 3:00  |  2006
SATB choir with piano
Commissioned by the BC Choral Federation for 2007 Seniors’ Chorfest
Latin Text: Sacred Traditional


Laus Trinitati
Duration: 4:00  |  1993
Commissioned by Elizabeth Rowlinson
Latin Text: Hildegard von Bingen [from Symphonia armonie celestium revelationum]

O Magnum Mysterium

O-Magnum-Mysterium-TITLEO-Magnum-Mysterium-1O-Magnum-Mysterium-2Duration: 7:50  |  2000
SATB choir with harp; optional shorter version without harp
Commissioned by Laudate Singers
Latin Christmas Text: Sacred Traditional



O Magnum Mysterium

Duration: 4:30  |  2002
SATB choir with piano
Commissioned by Powell River Chorus
English Text: Shakespeare [from Henry VIII]

Padre Pio’s Prayer
Duration: 5:00  |  2013
SATB choir with piano
Commissioned by Amabilis Singers
Italian Text: Francesco Forgione [Padre Pio of Pietrelcina]

Padre Pio’s Prayer

Te Deum
Duration: 3:00 or 8:00*  |  2014
SATB choir with organ
Commissioned by Shaughnessy Heights United Church
Latin Text: Traditional
*The full length of this composition is 8:00. However, mm. 1–71 can be performed as a complete work of 3 minutes in length, similarly ending on a very jubilant note.

Te Deum Interview

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The Harmony of Souls
Duration: 3:00  |  2014
SATB choir with piano
Commissioned by Charlotte and Peter Burns on their 50th Anniversary
English Text: William Shakespeare [from The Merchant of Venice]

We Shall Hear the Angels Sing

Duration: 8:00  |  2010
SATB choir with piano and handbells
Commissioned by Amabilis Singers on their 30th Anniversary
Latin Christmas Text: Puer natus in Bethlehem | English Text: Chekov [from Uncle Vanya]

We Shall Hear the Angels Sing