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Children | Youth

Duration: 2:00  |  1994
Unison/optional 2-part treble choir with piano
3 short settings of the word Alleluja

Three Easy Songs
Duration: 4:00  |  2000
Commissioned by the BC Region – Canadian Music Centre through the
British Columbia 2000 Millennium Arts and Heritage Fund
Unison treble choir with piano
English text by composer

Hi Ho! To School We Go

If I Was a Farmer

My Angels

Four Riddles for Children
Duration: 3:00  |  1994
Unison treble choir with piano
English text by composer

Duration: 4:00  |  1998
2-part treble choir with piano
Short English texts on the 4 seasons by composer

Three Haiku
THREE-HAIKU-cover-page--CHILDREN-YOUTH-1THREE-HAIKU-cover-page--CHILDREN-YOUTH-2Duration: 6:00  |  2005
Commissioned for the Thunder Bay Children’s Chorus 10th Anniversary
2-part treble choir, or 3-part youth choir with changed voices, piano and small percussion
Possible modest staging – suggestions provided
English texts: J. Wills, A. Brady Young